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NAFEN's Corporate Convention on India Inc.

National Foundation of Indian Engineers (NAFEN), organized the Corporate Convention with the main theme "Role of CEOs for making success of their organizations for the development of Indian Economy" on 1st September, 2000 at Hotel Taj Palace, New Delhi. The Convention was sponsored by Taj Palace Hotels & Resorts, Ericcson and Mohan Meakin Limited. NAFEN Experts & Governing Council identified Four CEO's namely Mr. Rod Williams, MD, Rolls Royce; Mr. B.C. Bora, CMD, ONGC; Mr. Ganesh Natrajan, MD, Aptech Ltd., and Mr. Amitava Basu, Partner, Pricewaterhouse Cooper's. These CEO's highlighted their Success Stories and shared their views & experiences based on some of the parameters like leadership accountability motivation team Spirit identification of core competencies & strengths earning per share fulfillment of any Social Obligations profitability etc.

Dr. S. Abid Hussain, Former Indian Ambassador, USA and Member Constitutional Review Commission, Govt. of India shared his views particularly from the international perspective.

Dr. K.C. Pant, Hon'ble Deputy Chairman, Planning Commission, GoI inaugurated the Convention. Around 200 elite guests comprising of MNC Heads, Policy Planners, Consultants, Economists, Senior Management Executives etc. of Public Sector & Private Sector Organizations attended the Convention.


Based on the deliberations of the Convention, following attributes emerged:-

  • Does not relax. • Thinks fast.
  • Identifies goals. • Builds on Strengths.
  • Focus on quality. • Manages Knowledge.
  • Flexible in thinking. • Takes strategic decisions.
  • Defines customer base. • Gives feeling of confidence.
  • Provides sense of pride. • Always committed to a larger vision.
  • Has ability to inspire people.
  • Provides Environment in our country itself so that employers do not go abroad.
  • Asks himself always that whether he is successful or not and also his team.
  • Has Moral & Ethical principles to guide him & always adopt them.
  • Gives value addition to employers and adds value to himself also.
  • Decentralizes decision making; but keeps monitoring.
  • Provides sense of belongingness & sense of loyalty.
  • Is always enthusiastic & shares it with his people.
  • Segments market and keeps diversities in mind.
  • Attracts right people with right mind set.
  • Always dreams. Always sells an idea. Always creates ideas.
  • Manages change and Visualizes the change, and Adapts to the change.
  • Keeps pace with change —Is able to deal with it effectively.


In the end, the role of CEO is :—

  • To see into the future. Manage change.
  • Par excellence orator. Has long term & short term vision.
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